Staircase Marketing Concept – Email Optimization

As a small business owner your email marketing optimization should be one of the most important landing areas of your Staircase Marketing Concept plan. The message your email carries to each lead, prospect and especially your customers should be clear, and just as important, is the email structure. If your email is difficult to read or comprehend, the message is lost and so is the sale.

Communication In Marketing Can Set You Apart?

Your Staircase Marketing Concept plan will have many important marketing strategies listed within and email marketing is of top importance. The structure of your email campaign is also. You want to be able to segment your lists in order to communicate clearly with everyone there. Not one list – but many.

Your email needs to be basic, classic, educational, informative and directive. Answering these 6 key questions in 100 words or less is most effective. These 6 essentials are;

  • Who
  • What
  • Why
  • When
  • How, and
  • Where

Think of your email message similarly as the old-time telegrams; you paid for each word, so make your point in as few as possible.

Be clear, directive

The email structure is either content (educational) or action (beneficial). Letting the reader know why this is beneficial to them, how it improves their existence, and where to go to find out more.

Email is an off-page medium; your website, landing page is an on-page medium. On-page is where the money is made. So get them there quickly and excited.

By developing your message in a column fashion, using emotion reactive wording and knowing the target of the email will increase sales opportunities. These tactics optimize your emails above the rest, capturing your message in the minds eye of the reader. They are more apt to follow your link where you tell them.

Regardless of the business model you are promoting, your business IS an information business. A clear and concise message is simpler to understand. The biggest complaint online is about the amount of email people receive and if yours is similar as everyone else’s or is nothing but buy, buy, buy, it deserves to be deleted.

Deleted means not remembered

Do not make the mistake of taking email marketing too lightly. Knowing how to structure a follow-up sequence can improve your bottom line quickly. Speaking to the right grouping, separated out by your emailing structuring and AutoResponder gathering process ensures your message is received by more targeted and receptive respondents.

Set yourself out from your competition by optimizing your message, with email marketing optimization and an effective email message. The competition can be fierce but to be remembered takes effective marketing strategies.

Effective marketing strategies depend on your own desires, wants, how you can assist others and, your actions. To get started completes one step in the Staircase Marketing Concept plan. Eagle Flight Marketing Group is available to assist with developing your plan.